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Commercial Senior Certified

Indoor Environmental Quality

Indoor Environmental Quality

This Commercial course examines the moisture and energy systems that contribute to indoor environmental quality, and is intended to provide Specialists with a basic familiarity of the dynamics of heat and moisture transfer in commercial buildings.

Course Structure

  • Lesson 1 provides an overview of the course and introduces how the building envelope and the building systems work together to control environmental factors that affect indoor air quality.
  • Lesson 2 defines the basic conditions for human comfort, and examines what it takes to maintain human comfort within the environment created inside a building.
  • Lesson 3 examines in detail the properties of moist air and describes how psychrometrics can measure those properties.
  • Lesson 4 explores the properties of heat transfer and examines how the building envelope contributes to thermal comfort.
  • Lesson 5 introduces how HVAC system designers quantify the loads that affect thermal comfort.
  • Lesson 6 examines how the basic types of commercial HVAC systems help system designers manage thermal loads.

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