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This series of presentations provides an overview of the DuPont North America business model.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this lesson, you will understand:

  • The DuPont Business Strategy and your role as a Specialist.
  • Legal do's and don’ts that every Specialist needs to follow in the field.
  • The Tools available to you as a Specialist that will help you accomplish your goals.


Hear what some of our Tyvek® Distributor Principals have to say about the Tyvek® Specialist Certification Program.

Marty Gillespie, Chairman/CEO of Hansen Marketing, describes how the business model for the Tyvek® Specialist Network came into being, and how it has grown and evolved to the most powerful program of its kind in the industry. (2:50)
Jimmy Knapp, with Weatherization Partners, Ltd. (WPL) Marketer & Distributor of DuPontTM Tyvek® Building Products and Tyvek® Specialist of 17 years for Hallmark Building Supplies, describes the value of the Specialist Network as a system that supplies success. (3:20)
Jim Frensley, President of Hansen Marketing, speaks about the benefits and value that the tools, structure and support of the DuPont Tyvek® Specialist Network provide in increasing sales. (3:00)
Wally Gatley, Vice President of Parksite, offers advice to new Tyvek® Specialists about leveraging the training in the Specialist Certification program, and making the most of relationships within the industry. (2:56)



This section will provide you with valuable knowledge and information but will not be tested as part of your certification exam.

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