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Introduction to Building Science

Introduction to Building Science

This course is a comprehensive tour of basic residential construction. Lessons cover the following house components:

  • Foundations – system types; material properties; construction methods; sizing and layout.
  • Floors – framing systems, materials, sizing and layout; decking materials and fastening systems; solid wood joists vs. engineered I-joists.
  • Walls – stud framing; corner bracing; post and beam systems; insulation materials and methods; structural insulated panels.
  • Roofs – trusses vs. rafters; sheathing materials and methods; roof loads and load paths.
  • Residential windows – sealed insulated glass units, low-e coatings, installation and air sealing.
  • Exterior cladding systems – types; installation; finishing.
  • The building envelope – the moisture and thermal barrier of a house.
  • Mechanical systems – rough plumbing; electrical service; HVAC systems.

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