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EDUHUB6.0 - Best Practices for Installing Stucco and Adhered Masonry Stone

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Class Overview

This webinar will focus on the best practices and details for the installation of stucco and adhered masonry stone (synthetic stone) in order to prevent costly callbacks. Building science consultant Steve Easley and Mark Fowler, director of the Stucco Manufacturers Association, will use pictures from their extensive field experience and investigations to show what works and what doesn’t when installing stucco and adhered masonry stone. They will also demonstrate proper integration of weather-resistive barriers (WRBs) with exterior insulation and flashing details.


HSW Justification:
Participants will learn about improving the comfort of homes by controlling moisture and using proper weatherization techniques.

Learning Objective 1:
Learn how to integrate weather-resistive barriers (WRBs) with exterior insulation and flashing details properly when using Stucco and Stone Masonry.

Learning Objective 2:
Learn how to protect rough openings from moisture damage when using stucco.

Learning Objective 3:
Learn about important considerations regarding climate zone and stucco application.

Learning Objective 4:
Learn about creating a high performance home building framework to optimize the housing user experience.


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